The OTP is implementing a mysterious project on a luxury island in Croatia

The OTP is implementing a mysterious project on a luxury island in Croatia

Three years ago, the Hungarian press, citing Croatian sources, wrote that an island from the Adriatic Sea had been in the hands of Hungary for 30 years. The Croatian island of Smokvica Villa can be rented by Zelena nekretnina doo, the Croatian company of the Balance Private Real Estate Fund. The balance is the basis of real estate management in the prosecutor’s office. Three years ago he did not know exactly what was being built on the island and who could stay there – readable on the gate.

Due to developments on the island, the island has not yet received/will receive guests in the summer of 2019 and in the following months is expected as early as next summer, according to what the attorney general’s office said in connection with the case. in 2019.

However, it is still unknown how developments on the island eventually developed, nor how it actually welcomes guests this summer, or whether it is a closed island or anyone can visit. But the OTP did not wish to comment on the matter.

The island is administratively part of the Rogoznica region and, according to available data, has no permanent residents, only luxury real estate, sports fields and restaurants, as well as some former military facilities. Accommodation facilities cannot be found on the larger accommodation pages on Smokvica Vela Island.

They were also born about 2 years ago ArticlesPrime Minister Viktor Orban, who was on vacation in Croatia, arrived on a chartered holiday island called Smokvika Villa in a black helicopter. has also sent questions to the Croatian Ministry of Tourism, which have yet to be answered.

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