The most unfortunate birds in the world are Instagram stars

Owl birds are very popular on the community site, and now they have also rated the popularity of Instagram uploaded birds of scientific need. about this subject ScienceAlert is a scientific journal mentioned.

Swallows are famous for their ugliness and interesting looks. These unpleasant birds were also named the most unfortunate birds in the world in a 2004 science article.

A new study reveals that the nightlife birds found in the rare tropical and subtropical forests of Australia and New Guinea have now earned the title of most famous bird on Instagram.

According to the science article, this does not mean that owls are often listed on Instagram. Moreover, they are extremely rare in pictures. The researchers examined images of 27,000 birds, only 65 of which are related to the species.

Nevertheless, the 65 photos depicting owl birds produced an impressive number of likes.

Researchers studied the nine most popular Instagram English for Birds, which had nearly 3.5 million followers.

The study calculated the average amount of likes a photo should get based on the number of followers, and if the photo performs better compared to it, it gets a positive rating, and if it performs worse, it gets a negative rating.

The researchers found that some of the birds’ external characteristics generally led to a more positive reception. For example, birds with blue and yellow feathers consistently scored higher than those with yellow and green feathers.

Not surprisingly, the study found that birds with unique and unusual appearance performed very well in terms of likes.

In addition to owl swallows, colorful pigeons and emerald toads wearing crown-like plumage also received high scores.

Bubble banks, which also live in Hungary and also bear typical feathers, are also among the most popular birds on Instagram.

If we look at photos of the so-called unfortunate-looking owls, everyone is likely to feel because the “most gifted bird flu” is particularly prevalent.

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