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The Hungarian Superenduro GP is moving to the MVM Dome

The Hungarian Superenduro GP is moving to the MVM Dome

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The field of the FIFA Superenduro World Championships will also visit Budapest in the 2023-24 season. Having sold out this year’s domestic competition, TRP Events will hold the event in Hungary’s largest event hall, MVM Dome, on February 3, 2024.

There was such great interest in this year’s Hungarian Superenduro GP that all tickets sold out weeks in advance. After achieving resounding success, the Superenduro GP Manager in Hungary, TRP Events, has decided to stage the competition at MVM Dome, the largest indoor event hall in Hungary, on February 3, 2024.

The date and location have also been confirmed by the FIA ​​in the competition’s preliminary calendar 2023-24, according to which the season will start on November 25, 2023 in France, and the Tour in Hungary will be the fifth in a row.

MVM Dome: Hungary’s newest venue

MVM Dome is Europe’s newest and largest multifunctional event venue. Depending on the design, its capacity can be more than 20,000. The ceremonial handover of the hall took place on December 16, 2021, and shortly after the handover, it was already able to host the matches of the 2022 European Men’s Handball Championship.

MVM dome
MVM Dome (Photo: TRP Hungary)

The building features innovative and mixed-use spaces and special architectural solutions. The largest and most modern multi-functional event hall in Hungary, as well as its own building management solutions, its modern sound, light and visual equipment make it suitable for holding concerts, performances, family entertainment programs, corporate events and exhibitions.

A landmark event in Hungarian motorsport

The Hungarian Grand Prix at the Superenduro WC is usually the first major sporting event of the year in Hungary, and is particularly popular with both the drivers and the public. The track is praised by the members of the field and the audience’s interest has risen to such a level that the competition can be held in the largest hall in Hungary.

In terms of sporting results, this year’s event was particularly successful, with Norbert Zegovitz starting for the first time in the Class 1 Prestige, Mark Szycki winning the sprint and finishing second overall in the European Cup.

Superenduro ranking is quite an effort

Preparations for the 2023 Hungarian Superenduro GP have already begun in the summer, while the construction of the track itself began two days before the race, at night. 1,200 cubic meters, or approximately 1,600 tons of wet soil, 40 tons each of stone and wood, and 3.2 tons of fiberglass pipe were required to complete the track.

Superenduro GP Hungary 2023
This year’s competition was held in front of a full house (Photo: TRP Hungary/Makai Gergely/MGR Images)

For the competition day itself, a total of three hundred people were certified for the event. Fifty radios, 3 km of cable, two truckloads of equipment, and countless colleagues were required to make everything work perfectly. The fact that 300 cups of coffee and a total of 270 cans of cola were consumed per day shows just how intense a test of strength these few days was for the organization’s participants.

Race calendar for the 2023-24 Superenduro WC

November 25, 2023: Arena Stade Couvert Lievin, France
December 9, 2023: Krakow (Torun Arena), Poland
January 6, 2024: Riesa (SachsenArena), Germany
January 20, 2024: Cluj (BT Arena), Romania
February 3, 2024: Budapest (MVM Dome), Hungary
February 24, 2024: Sofia (Arena Sofia), Bulgaria
March 2, 2024: Newcastle, United Kingdom (Not yet confirmed)

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