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The House of Commons in London approved the report condemning Boris Johnson by a large majority
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The House of Commons in London approved the report condemning Boris Johnson by a large majority

London’s House of Commons overwhelmingly approved the Special Committee’s report, which reported that former Conservative British Prime Minister Boris Johnson made deliberately misleading statements about Downing Street meetings held in Parliament during the restrictions imposed by the coronavirus pandemic, an MTI reporter reports.

In a vote after a five-hour debate that lasted into the night, 354 MPs supported the damning report and only seven voted against.

The report was voted on by 118 representatives of the ruling Conservative Party, including former Prime Minister Theresa May, Boris Johnson’s immediate predecessor.
At the same time, the population was very high, more than two hundred. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, the leader of the Conservative Party, did not participate in the vote either.

According to a 108-page investigative report published last Thursday by the House of Commons committee, which regulates the use of parliamentary privileges, including the right to immunity, Boris Johnson deliberately misled Parliament about which parties were held in Downing Street during the restrictions imposed. by his government to curb the coronavirus pandemic.

Intentionally misleading Parliament is one of the most serious breaches of conduct committed by MPs, including Cabinet members, under legal British political conventions, and there is a general expectation that anyone who commits such a breach will be removed from office.

Johnson resigned as Conservative party leader and prime minister last July.

The former prime minister retained his mandate in the House of Commons last year, but after receiving the House of Commons committee inquiry report ten days earlier, which was not made public at the time, he reinstated his mandate as representative with immediate effect. In other words, he practically left British politics.

The case known as Partigit has turned into the biggest domestic political scandal during Johnson’s premiership, which began in 2019, especially as the police fined the former prime minister during his tenure for a birthday party.

The most significant allegation in the former prime minister’s 52-page defence, published in March, was that the rules were inadvertently broken at rallies. According to him, there are no documents indicating that he was warned or informed that any event would have violated the epidemiological regulations. And he himself only listened to his advisors, who assured him that the gatherings were legitimate.

After his resignation, by-elections are held in his constituency. Johnson was Prime Minister from July 2019 to September 2022 and a Member of Parliament since 2001.

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