The Hungarian example shows: The fate of Peter Medgyessy may reach Boris Johnson

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is set to play his part in dismantling the rebellion within his own party. financial times Status report. According to press reports, Conservative MPs, who want a vote of confidence in the group against the prime minister, came close to getting 54 signatures in favor. As an introduction, Johnson wants to withdraw the benefit of the coronavirus pandemic restrictions that Conservative MPs have been eagerly awaiting.

A Conservative politician told the British business newspaper that this vote of confidence could have a 50-50 per cent chance of success. It is a peculiar bleakness of fate that it was MEPs who traditionally won the Labor Party elections at the end of 2019 in the parliamentary elections in northern England, thanks to Johnson, who campaigned to end Brexit. Something similar happened in Hungary earlier: at the end of the summer of 2004, the leadership of his party withdrew from the Prime Minister of the Socialist Party, Peter Miesi, who won the 2002 parliamentary elections, forcing him to resign.

The MP who supports the prime minister says colleagues who want a vote of confidence will be inexperienced and unsuccessful. The voting is conducted on the initiative of 54 members from within a political group; If the majority is in favor of the Head of Government, a similar measure may not be initiated against him for a period of one year.

The epidemic is receding

Easing the pandemic relief, which Johnson hopes to disarm regulators against, will allow the situation in Britain to improve in recent times. The number of infections across England was down by more than a fifth by the third week of January compared to early January, according to the National Health Service.

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However, the prime minister’s concerns were exacerbated by the fact that Dominic Cummings, a communications expert and former principal advisor to Johnson, was also financial times He wants to overthrow his former boss by using his information in the government.

never give up

Cummings is unhappy with publicly urging his former boss to resign, but it also helps to discredit his revelations. He launched his last attack on May 20, 2021, in connection with the ceremony, which took place in the garden of the Prime Minister’s office in Downing Street during a period of severe restrictions due to the coronavirus. When it turns out that Johnson was present At the party, his popularity index declined.

A former colleague said Dom would do anything to break the door, adding that if asked when she gives up on ousting Johnson, the answer is: Never. With this in mind, he declared that Johnson had lied in Parliament when he claimed he had visited the Downing Street party thinking he was going to a job interview.

under oath

A week after the prime minister’s parliamentary appearance, Cumming said in a blog post that he was prepared to “swear” that Johnson knew exactly what kind of party he was, and thus lied to the legislature when he said he thought he was going to a job interview. Furthermore, the Prime Minister not only knew that he was going to a drunken party, but also agreed to keep it.

At a parliamentary hearing last May, in which Johnson was declared ineligible to serve as prime minister, he claimed he defrauded his boss to get Finance Minister Sajid Javid’s resignation. Javed was replaced by Prishi Sunak, sparking a rumor that Cummings was snooping on Johnson to make way for Sunak to be elected prime minister. However, this is categorically refuted by the people of the latter.

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the meaning

The big question now is what will happen in the so-called Gray Report, which is being prepared by a senior government official, Sue Gray, about batches of government employees in the past year and a half who have violated pandemic restrictions. Many conservative politicians make the prime minister’s support conditional on relieving him of responsibility or, conversely, assuring that he was aware of the events and perhaps even supported them, Cummings claims.

This report is not expected until the end of January, as more and more information about embarrassing events emerges. Cummings confirmed to the press that Gray will personally hear his “testimony” about what he knows about the May 2021 party. Meanwhile, former Conservative Party minister Jeremy Hunt, who was at odds with Johnson over the party premiership in late summer 2019, indicated in a paper interview He indicated that he would resume his posts if Johnson was forced to leave.

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