The handcuffs clicked: a Biatorbágy couple organized a video tour of Hungarian prostitutes – VIDEO


The Biatorbagy couple also referred the women to overseas destinations. They were caught at home by KR NNI.

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Denmark, Norway, Singapore, Australia and Dubai were among the 32-year-old’s destination countries n. David and 29 years old H. Annamária She recruited many Hungarian women to work in prostitution. The network did well between 2016 and 2019.

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The Biatorbágy couple arranged trips for young women abroad, reservations for hotel rooms and hotel apartments where prostitution activities take place, and posted foreign advertisements. Client calls were also handled through them, and they even regularly delivered victims who had provided sexual services to outgoing addresses.

He also referred women to foreign destinations
Photo: police

The swordsmen agreed in advance to the women how much they would pay them a fixed amount from their income, but There was also a girl who had to hand over 40-50% of her earnings to employers, He even had to include it in his accommodation and travel expenses.

Investigators found it too A man and a woman from Biatorbagy also organized so-called prostitutes’ tours. In such cases, they have changed foreign cities where they work every two to three days in order to make women who mediate in a particular foreign country more in demand after- Police writes.

Based on the evidence obtained, the perpetrators Over the years, they have earned tens of millions of forints in profits. Their livelihood and way of life were financed from this.

Criminal colleagues, along with the Operations Unit of the Deployment Support Department of the Kurdistan Region Directorate of Special Services and KRG Police Department staff, in 2021. On October 6, they surprised the couple at their early morning home in Biatorbagy. The search also confiscated several mobile phones, SIM cards, various electronic devices, banknotes and cash that played a role in the crime.

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N. David and H. Annamaria KR NNI investigators suspected that he committed a business-like fencing A court can sentence them to up to eight years in prison.

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