The asteroid could totally find us

The asteroid could totally find us

An asteroid the size of the Empire State Building, a celestial body called Bennu, is likely to find our Earth fuller than previously thought – Found NASA astronauts this week. about this aa It was reported on Ladbible.

Bennu can do great damage if he hits the ground Our caption / Pixabay

According to research, the distance between the two objects in the year 2135 will be within 125 thousand miles. (This is about half the distance between the Moon and the Earth.) The probability of collision was 1: 1750, previously this number was still 1 of 2700. According to the closest current calculation, September 24, 2182 may be the day Bennu, which has a diameter of 500 meters, collides with Earth.

The article also gave a slight assurance that the impact would not “only” wipe out entire wildlife in an area a hundred times the size of the asteroid itself, destroying nature and everything that was in a circle before it.

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