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That’s why it took more than ten years for Netflix’s new sensation, Win Your Life, to materialize.

That's why it took more than ten years for Netflix's new sensation, Win Your Life, to materialize.

The South Korean thriller, Win Your Life, premiered on Netflix in mid-September, which unexpectedly became one of the biggest hits in the worldwide streaming giant’s history in a very short time. This is a particularly big word given that it is a non-English series and its premiere was not preceded by a large-scale marketing campaign. However, the series covers topics that can be experienced around the world, in all eras: the differences between the poor and the rich, and the constant struggle for money and survival.

For Win, the creator of your life, Hwang Dong-hyuk, it has come a long way toward success: the 50-year-old writer and director wrote a dystopian story over ten years ago, at a point in his life when he himself was short of money. The The Wall Street Journal He revealed that he was living with his mother and grandmother at the time, and spending his days without work, so he had to sell his laptop to get the money. This is how the brutal story formed in his head, people were literally willing to die for money, but the concept did not convince the producers at the time who tried to sell the idea to them.

Previously, it was a file Varienic In a statement, Hwang Dong Hyuk said that he wanted to write a story that figuratively tells about the modern capitalist society by introducing an extreme race because he believed that life itself was an extreme race and wanted to create characters that we can all meet in real life as well.

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Then the pandemic period exacerbated social disparities, with Hwang Dong-hyuk highlighting whether the distribution of vaccines depends on whether the country is rich or not. “The world has changed,” said the director. “These things made the whole story so realistic for people compared to the circumstances a decade ago.” As a result, the producers brought back the previously disapproved script and then adopted the series, Netflix, which also wanted to promote Korean content.

The leaders of the broadcasting giant have been talking for days about the possibility of the second season in the success series, and Hwang Dong Hyuk said in this regard that if the second part is completed, he will focus on the police. “I think police issues aren’t just in Korea. I see it in the news of the world. That’s one question I wanted to ask. Maybe I’ll be able to talk more about that in season two.” (Source: ScreenRant)

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