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“Ten years from now, there should be an accomplished musician who started at KraftLab” – Interview with Peter Barna, Telekom Sector Communications Director

“Ten years from now, there should be an accomplished musician who started at KraftLab” – Interview with Peter Barna, Telekom Sector Communications Director

On March 11, 2023, in Debrecen Craft Lab expanded its portfolio with a new service: as part of its popular opening event, the music labwhich provides opportunities for up-and-coming local musicians. With Peter Barnathe With Telekom Sector Communications Manager We talked about it craft About its past, present and future as well as the new music lab About the possibilities and mission of the music studio.

It opened two years ago craft in Debrecen. Is this a practical social responsibility program on Telekom’s part?

We see ourselves as an activist brand that wants to actively participate in society and create value for people. But this is not necessarily a social responsibility program on our part, but rather part of our core mission and core business.

Within this concept, young people are of particular importance to us. We want to give them a chance to bring attention to themselves.

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Music Lab, Debrecen’s new music studio, has opened its doors

The main program of our commitment is a Telecom CraftWith her help, we help young people in various ways. For example Craft LabThrough, which began with the fact that we have an administrative building in Debrecen, one of the floors of which is vacant, and we said that here we will do what is good for today’s youth.

Photo: Ákos Grog

For us, development and progress through digitization is our business, and we look at everything through this. Through this, we also look at how we can help young people. That’s why we created and organized Craft Labet and opened in September 2021. This is where they can experiment without risk. It means they come in, they can use the tools here for free and hopefully we can help them get on with their lives.

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By focusing on digitization, what exactly is happening at Kraft so far Do Do young people know?

the Craft Lab Equipped with various digital devices. There is a podcast room, which is practically a studio, where you can produce podcast content using professional tools. Here, for example, file Depo (Debrecen Podcast), or file DebTech broadcast. The other is the video studio, where the highest quality digital tools are available to someone to produce, record, cut and edit audiovisual content. There is also the possibility of robots, but we also have a drone.

And in the meantime, we are constantly trying to have programs, workshops, and an active community life.

Photo: Ákos Grog
You mentioned programs and workshops. So there are also events in KraftLab. Can you tell me a little bit about those?

We try to fill it with life every month footAnd others On the one hand, this is done by young people coming, booking rooms and taking advantage of opportunities. On the other hand, we try to help them in a controlled way. There, for example Craft encryption A very popular series of events called: Here we introduce participants to the secrets of the crypto world. We regularly host forums that add value to local youth. For example, we have very good cooperation with With the Köz-Pont Association. We had it here ideafest Named High School Startup Competition. But there were also other musical events, such as Couch sounds during. These always cover digital, music and visual topics.

Photo: Ákos Grog
With the mention of Sofar Sound, we come to the music. And the opening of the Kraft Music Lab is another opportunity here at Kraft for young people to be able to work on the boundaries between technology and music using modern tools. Why did you add this region to your portfolio?

I said when opening the place at that time that we have to constantly shape this place with young people. We’ll deliver it, but it’ll still be shaped based on the needs of young people. We support this to the best of our ability. We have received many comments that music and musical instruments can be popular. This requirement has reached quite fertile ground, since TelecomHe has a musical commitment anyway, A.J Telecom Electronic Beatswith which we have been helping, among others, up-and-coming young musicians to find a home in the electronic music environment.

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I also made a separate song as the musicians and AI created it together…

Yes, this is a file Craft Lab National anthem. Bobby Sexy And Xorba Lucy They did one Amnesty International We finished the song. This is how we incorporated digitization into the story.

But back to the previous question: There has been feedback about music and hence the idea of ​​what if we expand into a musical direction Craft Lab possibilities. This has just been opened music lab.

What do you expect from the project?

I want the booking calendar to be always full, to be at least as popular as the video studio.

The other is that, for example, in ten years there will be an accomplished musician A Craft Labstarted from

I would be very happy with such a story. If someone said that “It gave me so much to be able to go to Kraft, use the tools and learn what I needed to be a successful musician”.

If that happens, then this place will have fulfilled its mission.

Photo: Ákos Grog
Final question: What does music mean to you?

I’ve been a big consumer of music since I was young. At least that means inspiration. Anyway, it’s like dead water. I listen to music wherever I can and it’s always there in my head. I live with him. I’m all-consuming, but my favorite is electronic music, which I haven’t delved into yet, but lately I’ve been loving it more and more.

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