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One by one, the Mádi giant broke individual records in the American race of strong people

One by one, the Mádi giant broke individual records in the American race of strong people

Peter Johasz placed 21st in the Official Category of the Official Toughman Games in Daytona Beach, Florida. Even if the ranking itself doesn’t look great at first glance, most importantly, the Mádi giant was able to improve his singles record by several numbers.

“It was the biggest competition of my career so far, both in terms of weights and field
Looking back at the official tough guy games, Premium Media quotes Peter Johas as saying.

“The twenty-first place might not look good on its own, I feel a little crazy knowing that if I did at least one repetition when hitting the log, I would close out the 14th and 15th. Someone trains again, especially in such a field,” he added Athlete who works as a full-time firefighter in Tiszaújváros, and who has had very useful experience, not to mention experiences.

Peter Johasz also smashed the best of towing carsSource: Premium Media

And of course the results! 160 lbs was the best in logarithms so far, but this time he should have started with 165 lbs straight away, hitting 420-430 lbs in pulling cars, but now he had to cover the set distance with a roughly 460 lbs load on his shoulders. The mixed pack went to Juhász better, with a score of 7-8. He finished in a field of nearly 40 contenders.

These results are the fruits of nearly a decade and a half of hard work, Peter Johasz said. The strongman from Mád participated in just 15 different competitions this year, including several European Invited competitions.

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Peter Johasz was able to return home from the United States with reliefSource: Premium Media

“I want to start in as many international competitions as possible next season, because I feel that is the way to develop,” said Peter Johas, who of course will not neglect domestic competitions either.

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