Do you have an old photo of Vasműt?  Displays!

Do you have an old photo of Vasműt? Displays!

“Bring your old photos from Vasműt! Let’s create a street-pop album together!” – Thus begins the call to explore the ancient images / treasures of Vasműt in the framework of an extraordinary community initiative. As the Avenue Festival team wrote, the city’s interesting past is preserved in plenty of photos, but if they only tried to piece together what the place was like from current archive recordings, the end result would be completely incomplete.
Where can the missing puzzle pieces be hidden? According to the event’s organizers, there is nowhere else but albums, and in shoe boxes of local residents who have been enthusiastically photographing for decades and photographers associated with the city (hobbies).

“Help make the whole picture: If you have old photos that illuminate Ironworks Road’s past, share them with us so they can be preserved for posterity!”

The assignment is given from here: anyone with archival footage of Vasműt is asked to enter the Institute of Contemporary Art, where they will scan treasures in excellent quality – and in exchange for their kindness, everyone will be offered an A4 print of their favorite photo! The address is 2400 Dunaújváros, Vasmű út 12. – But it is worth checking the phone number 20 / 801-3316 before leaving!

The closing chapter of the call is also important, and here it is: “You don’t have pictures, but do you support the initiative? Share it to get as many people as possible!”

(Archive Photo: Fortepan)

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