Sprout Rhythm - The great rhythm game is coming next year

Sprout Rhythm – The great rhythm game is coming next year

  • It will arrive in the first quarter of 2023 sprout rhythm
  • It is a rhythm game with different foods
  • Offer now available on PC

TinyBuild, known for publishing indie games, has announced a short trailer for sprout rhythm Release date, first quarter of 2023, the blessed rhythm game will arrive with a strange visual world. In the program, you have to press the selected buttons to the beat of the music with a little onion knight in a rustling teddy bear, while all kinds of strange food monsters stand in the way of our hero, led by King Sugar Daddy, who occupies the house of the brave warrior in a brave way. The game, which was announced for the Nintendo Switch in April, will also be available on PC, Xbox and PlayStation, and the demo is already available for PC.

The demo version also has its own story, which prepares you for the events of the full game, and in terms of modes, Turbo Mode, Mirror Mode, Shuffle and Totally Random Mode will be available, accompanied by five different terrains. In addition, many modifiers and track mixes attempt to extend the warranty. The sprout rhythm It can actually be added to your Steam Wishlist if anyone is interested in the game.

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