Sopron Sports School Basketball Academy / A big step forward: we have a hall!

Sopron Sports School Basketball Academy / A big step forward: we have a hall!

According to the agreement between Sopron University and the Sopron Sports School Basketball Academy, students of sports can acquire Ferenc Kraznay Sports Hall. The old dream of a sports school came true: it became a place …

Photo: Laszlo Tarnay

The Basketball Academy at Sopron Sports School has made tremendous progress by finally having an auditorium where most of the teams can work in safe and continuous conditions. For more details d. We have been questioned by President Chapa Zakeris.

– What did the Sopron Sports School Basketball Academy receive and pledge to operate the hall?

We set up a not-for-profit company specifically to operate the Ferenc Kraznay Sports Hall. We entered into a lease agreement with Sopron University for an indefinite period. We undertook urgent renovations to the building. We will make it a home for sports students. We are paying the rent for the hall. It was a condition of the university that we take over the ongoing contracts, of course we will do so so that both Karate and SMAFC can continue their hall training without interruption. After the end of the pandemic, we will also provide sports opportunities for university students if needed, in addition to this, the hall will also host university events at pre-set times.

What does all this mean for the academy?

– Through this decade, Sopron Sports Basketball Academy had the opportunity to work with its teams in one place, in ideal conditions compared to the previous period. So far, we have rented gyms from different schools, and our coaches often moved from place to place. This involves a lot of organizational difficulties. Here, for example, there’s a viral situation, schools are closed, and we can’t even use most gyms. Now, however, there is a basketball hall with a long history, which makes our work safe and well organized, and this mode greatly helps the development of boys. We know gym use is a problem across the country today, and many other youth associations have not been able to train at the gym for months. In this regard, the agreement with the university is a big step forward for our academy.

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Photo: Laszlo Tarnay

Are all the teams moving to the hall?

Of course not, on the one hand we will not be able to fit this much, and on the other hand, school groups will remain in educational institutions in the long term according to the usual order, that is, the basic concept will not change. It’s good for kids and also for parents that the exercises are in place after school. But the rival ages will be regrouped in the hall. And now we will finally have the opportunity to hold individual exercises in the morning, morning and afternoon at the central base of the Academy, Krasnay ​​Hall.

I mentioned the need to make the hall home. What do you mean?

– The deterioration of the technical condition of the building. We definitely want to do urgent renovations first, to adapt the building to our specific needs. For example, we cannot wait for lighting technology to be updated. We want to be a true and responsible owner of the hall, and we want to see that. We can finally refer to a building with it, this is our home. Of course, with SMAFC, but they are our strategic partners, as for more than ten years we have been the only ones to fully supply SMAFC.

For fifteen years, the biggest problem for Sopron Sports School’s Basketball Academy was the lack of a central base. what do you feel now?

– I still say, if you have a house, you have everything. It is as if a family has lived in an apartment for many years and are finally able to purchase a used apartment. They know that this is not the end point, but they try to make the property as homely as possible for the transition period until they build their dream home one day. this is how I feel now. I’m happy, but I’m already planning my new home …

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