“Those in whom they see the crucified Christ” - the Pope receives the leaders of the Roman Catholic Medical University |  Hungarian Post

“Those in whom they see the crucified Christ” – the Pope receives the leaders of the Roman Catholic Medical University | Hungarian Post

In medicine, it is essential that the patient is fully cared for, and that the patient is well ahead of the disease. According to the teachings of Blessed Alvaro del Portillo, the Roman Catholic University of Medicine, founded in 2015, strives for this, something that Pope Francis appreciated in his address.

Turning to the leaders of the institution, the Holy Father emphasized that their university is centered on the individual in the areas of treatment, education and research, where they know the personal history of the patient, establish cordial friendships with him and nurture his spirit.

The love of mankind—especially the fragile health in which they see the image of the crucified Christ—is part of the Christian vision, and should never be lost.

Another important aspect is the rejection of exclusive utilitarianism, which is contrary to Christian morality, as is the culture of untouchability. We cannot accept that there is a decent life that is not worthy, and we dispose of the latter because it no longer brings profit, and no longer benefits society. The Pope, unfortunately, warned in this atmosphere, but we must act against the culture of subversion. – In every healthcare institution, especially if it is inspired by Christianity, patients should be cared for in such a way that we can say: “Here we see not only doctors and patients, but also the people who receive and help them. Treatment for human dignity is tangible here.” And we can’t sell this, we always have to protect it.

The focus should be on treating the person

Without forgetting the importance of science and research. Healing without knowledge is useless, and science without healing remains barren. Only together, the Holy Father pointed out, medicine rises to the level of art, in which mind, heart, knowledge, passion, professionalism, compassion, competence and empathy are present.

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In his address, the Pope also referred to research into unknown or rare diseases, often neglected for financial reasons. In turn, the Medical University and the Opus Dei Clinic in Rome not only participate in the research, but also provide financial assistance to those who find it difficult to pay for university training. The Covid Center, First Aid, which was recently handed over to the Elderly Care Department, will help mitigate the pandemic.

We need to work together, we’ve learned that during the pandemic. Pope Francis emphasized that we have realized how interconnected we are and that we can solve common problems only with common strength. Health needs this cooperation and thinking together, especially if it is Catholic.

Gone are the days when we pursued our own charisma in seclusion. The Ministry of Philanthropy requires us to lavish our knowledge, share our competence with others, and make science accessible to all.

Scientific products alone are not enough because they only provide symptomatic treatment. The Holy Father said that the best example of this are vaccinations. In his speech, he also noted the urgent need to help countries where there are fewer vaccines available. He added that medicines should be distributed with dignity, not as gifts of mercy.

To really do good, we need to promote science and its comprehensive application; To understand the background, start treatment from the roots, increase a healthy culture. Not an easy task. This is a real task in which we hope Catholic healthcare will become more active. This will be a sign of the outgoing Church, said Pope Francis to the leadership of the Roman Medical University, founded by Opus Dei, who bid farewell with his blessing and thanks.

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Source: Vatican Radio

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