Shelves are empty, and there is a huge shortage of products in the UK

Shelves are empty, and there is a huge shortage of products in the UK

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Empty shelves are characteristic of groceries in the UK, where a shortage of produce not only affects the lives of ordinary people, but also causes serious problems in stores and restaurants. Not only are staple foods like chicken, turkey and pork available, but people also need not have beer – read Mirror In her article dated August 27.

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The sight of empty shelves was not uncommon in the socialist bloc, but the British are now familiar with this scene as well, after the coronavirus pandemic caused it.

Labor shortages and Brexit restrictions together are causing serious disruptions to the food supply.

According to the best stock estimates of shipping companies 100,000 missing driversHe wasn’t a truck driver enough even before Covid, but health restrictions spurred that. First, 14,000 European truck drivers left the UK, and only 600 returned, and they were professionals He also missed the driver’s test, a lot unqualified for the truck.

More well-known restaurant chains, such as Costa, McDonald’s, and Greggs, are also running short of goods, which in no way have escaped Tesco, Morrisons, Asda and Sainsbury’s.

Many bars have been forced to close due to

Nor can breweries like Amstel, Heineken, and Fosters supply them.

Caters are trying to make up for the shortfall by offering their guests products from smaller breweries, but these Companies can’t keep up with the sudden increase in demand for goods. Loyal fans of bars also suffer from the fact that in one of the biggest suppliers of bars, logistics company GXO, drivers went on strike for their low salaries, and in wage negotiations the company wanted a 1.4 percent raise, which is understandably unacceptable.

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In addition to bars, for example, KFC has also announced a shortage of its product range Lack of chicken meat Many are already concerned about Christmas sales as a cause of turmoil in the turkey chain.

In addition to food, it can cause serious problems,

Not enough Covid testing is being done in the UK, so the UK’s National Health Service has prepared an emergency scenario,

When and in what cases health workers should use the tests.

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