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Scotland has indicated once again its intention to leave the United Kingdom

Scotland has indicated once again its intention to leave the United Kingdom

The Scottish National Party, which rules Scotland, submitted another draft of a referendum on independence on Sunday. According to the document, if the SNP manages to form a government again after the Scottish Parliamentary elections in May, Scotland will again ask the British government to delegate exclusive authority to the Scottish Parliament to pass the Independence Referendum Act.

According to the Scottish National Party, if the party wins another election, the British government will not have a moral and democratic legal basis to reject that request again.

Scottish Prime Minister Nicolas Sturgeon has officially called for London for the first time since the UK parliamentary elections in December 2019 to allow the Scottish Parliament to decide to call another referendum on independence.

However, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson resolutely rejected it, arguing that both Nicola Sturgeon and his predecessor, former Scottish Prime Minister Alex Salmond, had personally promised before the 2014 referendum on Scottish independence that this referendum would continue for an entire generation.

In a referendum in 2014, 55 per cent of those who voted not to separate Scotland from Britain.

In last year’s national elections, the Scottish National Party, which had vehemently rejected British membership in the European Union (Brexit), won 45 percent of Scotland’s vote, 8.1 percentage points higher than in the previous election, and won 48 of Scotland’s 59 seats in London. . board of the Public.

Thus the number of members of the House faction of the Scottish National Party increased by thirteen.

The Scottish National Party is also expected to win the Scottish Parliamentary elections in May, by a large margin.

Photo: Andy Buchanan / AFP

In a referendum on Britain’s membership in the European Union in June 2016, a narrow national average of 51.89 percent voted against leaving, while 62 percent of Scots voted to stay.

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Nicola Sturgeon has argued many times since then

Scotland cannot allow London to leave the European Union despite its stated intention to stay.

The Scottish Prime Minister has also stated in several statements that he is convinced that Scotland, as an independent country, can return to the European Union in a relatively short time.

The SNP bill, published on Sunday, provides for another referendum on Scottish independence after the coronavirus outbreak, at a time set by the Scottish Parliament.

The SNP also highlights in the document that it believes that another referendum should be held early in the next Scottish Parliamentary session.

The draft submitted on Sunday also confirms that in light of the results of the SNP elections, it would be an unsustainable position for the British government to reject a request to give the Scottish Parliament the power to create a legal framework for another referendum on independence.

Recent polls show that there is a majority of independence in Scotland.

Commissioned by the conservative British newspaper The Sunday Times, a series of polls in all four of the UK’s countries found that 52 per cent of Scots would vote in favor of independence in a new referendum.

The same poll also showed that in Northern Ireland, 51 percent of voters would like to hold a referendum and 42 percent would vote to boycott the Union with the Republic of Ireland. 47 per cent of those surveyed would remain in the UK, but 47 per cent of those in Northern Ireland under the age of 45 would support Irish unity.

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In the 2016 referendum on British membership in the European Union, 55 per cent of voters in Northern Ireland voted for the UK to remain in the European Union.

Northern Ireland is not part of Britain, but together they form the United Kingdom under the rule of the British Crown.

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