Russian Ambassador to Paris: The European Union will also feel the sanctions against Moscow

Russian Ambassador to Paris: The European Union will also feel the sanctions against Moscow

And the ambassador warned at a press conference in Paris that “every punishment will be a very severe blow not only to us but also to you”, saying that Westerners are competing against each other for punishment.

There is real competition between our Western colleagues. One takes something in one’s head, and then the others carry on. Sometimes the United States takes something in its head, then Britain and then the European Union

– He said that after the EU adopted new economic sanctions against Russia in response to Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, it extended austerity measures to the new oligarchy and decided to deprive Russian products and services of the most favorable treatment in EU markets.

The fourth package of sanctions imposes a complete ban on all financial transactions against Russian state-owned companies in a variety of sectors. An import ban from the EU will be imposed on steel products currently subject to EU protection measures, which means a loss of export revenue of about 3.3 billion euros for Russia.

The ambassador described the new measures as “real bandit acts”.

Today, 300 billion of our gold and currency reserves have been stolen from us

He said, without naming the coin he was thinking of.

However, there was no comment on the fact that three anti-Russian activists illegally broke into the villa of the son of former Russian President Vladimir Putin in Biarritz, southern France, and hoisted the Ukrainian flag. “No one has told us about this yet,” the ambassador said.

At the moment, we can see that this anti-Russian campaign is spreading throughout Europe. This is a real (anti-Russian) manhunt.

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he added.

They attack people and deprive them of their property just because they are Russians. Even Stalin, who was not really marked by democratic principles, said that the boy was not responsible for his father.

The Russian ambassador said.

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