Rainbow Six Extraction and Riders Republic has been delayed again by Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Extraction and Riders Republic has been delayed again by Ubisoft

Ubisoft has changed its game release order several times in the past two years, which could have been picked up by the poor performance of Ghost Recon: Breakpoint or the coronavirus pandemic. However, the delays didn’t end as the publisher announced that Rainbow Six Extraction and Riders Republic won’t arrive in stores on the designated days.

Originally, the extreme sports game was released on September 2nd, while in extraction, we can begin eliminating alien lifeforms from September 16th. Nothing will happen in the month planned: Rainbow Six will be pushed back to January 2022 (!), so not a bit delayed, the Riders Republic is “only” backing off for about two months, which means they may appear on October 28th.

The Rainbow Six extraction process delayed the use of Ubisoft with it justificationThat it takes longer to make the action game more honed in co-op mode for perfect closing. With very similar arguments came forward About delaying the Riders Republic, however, is a more ambitious project, so one might think it needs more time. Anyway, the latter is getting close to beta testing, so Ubisoft will definitely keep it as planned.

Extraction is still being revealed at E3 2019 with the subtitle Quarantine and was supposed to be released in early 2020. The premiere has been postponed twice since then, and this is the third time. Riders Republic was announced at Ubisoft Forward in 2020 and is set to launch in February of this year. Also this has been delayed once plus this is the second time. Hopefully, either way, the delay will only benefit games, although it’s not a good omen just to get the title back on the calendar all along.

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By the way, could the delay be due to the fact that this fall will be very intense? Our game calendar tells you that.

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