Putin: Moscow will continue to meet Beijing’s growing energy needs

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced, after official negotiations with his official Chinese partner, Xi Jinping, and among small delegations, that the Russian business sector is able to meet China’s growing energy needs, either within the framework of concluded contracts or under negotiation.

At the beginning of the negotiations of the enlarged delegations, which took place in front of the audience, the head of the Russian state announced that they had approved the plan to be built across Mongolia. Power of the Siberia-2 gas pipeline Practically all of its parameters, which will transport -50 billion cubic meters of natural gas per year.

In addition, a bilateral working group is planned to develop the transit capabilities of the Northern Freight Route. According to the Russian president, his country supports the expansion of settlements in the national currency, and that’s all Yuan-based trade Connect with the countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Two-thirds of Russian-Chinese trade is currently conducted in the national currency.

Moscow also supports the initiative to create a sports federation within the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. Vladimir Putin described the development of Russian-Chinese sports relations as particularly important at a time when “the Olympic movement is becoming increasingly politicized and Western countries are trying to use sport as a means of exerting pressure”. According to the Russian leader, a “substantial and sincere exchange of views on the prospects for relations” took place at the mini-meeting.

Mutual political trust between our two countries is deepening, common interests multiply, peoples are getting closer to each other, and cooperation in the fields of trade, economy, investments, energy, culture and regional dimensions is constantly developing.

– Xi Jinping said at the opening of the expanded coordination negotiations.

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The relationship between Moscow and Beijing has become unique

Yuri Usakov, foreign policy adviser to the Russian president, expressed doubts to reporters that Xi Jinping would try to contact Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky by phone on Tuesday or Wednesday. The Chinese leader explained this by his busy schedule.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said: The level of partnership between Russia and China today is unparalleled in international relations. In his words, “Beijing’s sovereign choice” is much more important for Moscow than what Russia’s opponents and strategic opponents in Washington think about the PRC’s nuclear potential, MTI reports.

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