Popular word intermediate station

Popular word intermediate station

Many words echoed and angry about the fact that the club’s radio was denied its frequency for reasons of pulling her hair. There is not much about the fact that culture in the Urban system is now a complete science of correspondence with it. Despite what has happened in the field so far, Club Radio’s online impact is just a drop in the glass. There are only a handful of weekly newspapers printed in Opposition Square, and only one of the daily printed newspapers. As for the rest, they are either the mouthpiece of the regime publicly or pretending to be neutral. The autonomy of the Academy of Sciences and universities was largely abolished, and education itself was given an ideological monopoly in primary and secondary education by imposing textbooks designated by the government. The evaluation of technical subsidies is mainly subject to government influence. Some courts are now filled with personnel, while others are increasingly intimidated. So what are we talking about? Should we just talk, as practical minds say, about health care and epidemic protection, education policy, and the environment? Maybe in terms of foreign trade and foreign policy, maybe about how to deal with immigration, or about the situation of the Roma – who largely support the government with their votes, as well as voters in poorer regions? Doesn’t this all depend on the shape of the political system? Shouldn’t we vote against it, and last but not least, are we strongly opposing it? Not fundamentally dependent on the political system, what is everything from healthcare to poverty? Once and today, the world of democracies based on organized capitalism, the world of political freedom, has always performed and continues to perform better in terms of well-being, the common good, and the standard of living. Shouldn’t everything be done against today’s system, including voting in elections, because it is essentially exercising its power against the nation, the public good? Isn’t it enough to insult Hitler or the party-state authority that their masters were Hell, or even dissect “but the highways were built” or “but there was a cheap library”? When freedom decreases, everything closes. However, in Hungary, freedom is eroded, by a premeditated, premeditated, erroneous political intention, and, in fact, in such an incredibly primitive and transparent way that it almost roars. Today, defining the basis of national socialist law that the basis of the “political” relationship (that is, what is the deepest essence of politics) is the “friend and enemy” relationship, is absolutely correct. The whole activity of the Orbán system, health, education, culture and science, has already permeated this – and in its dark, apocalyptic light, strictly speaking, it is an agricultural manifestation that freedom still exists and that these may still show lines. When it comes to this particular point, the “political” opposition side, the reliable and serious mainstream analyst, talk about populism, a hybrid regime, “dictatorial in many respects” (Ferenc Gyurcsany, Online Public Rating). The most limited self-deception is when he is said to be a “conservative nationalist.” I – I don’t see any traces around me. According to Laszlo Cuvier, the fourteenth most influential man, if “we do not protect national governments, it is not excluded that by the time our children reach our age, Europe will become a fourth empire,” where nation-states and national cultures will have no significance, and “they will seek To destroy our identity, either through mass migration or the spread of sexuality. ” In the Third Reich, those who had been declared Jews were exterminated. So then “we” are being wiped out now? when? The term “Fourth Empire” is a despicable targeting of one of the most powerful member states of the European Union, which was once the Third Reich. And the topic of alpine incitement today is not tangible, but rather an enemy obscured by intention and sinister in nature. Are they all “supporters”, who are they? I will tell you before anyone thinks about the Jews – not the Jews: Everyone is not ours. Simply. It’s too strong. As Angela Merkel reads the usual report of the German embassy in Hungary about developments here, German economic interests and democratic beliefs are rooted in her soul, and she continues to break her head at the gentle compromises that suit her personality. It was no different with the Democrats around 1939, when World War II broke out. It was the policy of the British government to convince the German public that a peace settlement could be reached through negotiations, and thus pressure Hitler to return to the negotiating table. Convinced that he will finally look at his German people. For a time, even the German attack did not change this belief […] Still, the image of German citizens with a sense of responsibility to the state and the common good, who can make rational decisions and actions based on the information available to them, hovering before their eyes. According to the ideas of the English democrats, it is impossible for the Germans to voluntarily support Hitler’s war. […] So the British government expected that sooner or later the German people would rise to overthrow the dictator. ”(Stephanie Sol: Appeasement und Propaganda 1939-1940. 2005) Laughter might sound like Orban said,“ We ​​will not turn to silencing those who disagree with us. ”For now, this is. The system is invincible because those in power are bent on everything, they exclude them, and ignore them. We can prepare. We are long past the beginning. What has happened now to Club Radio is just an intermediate station on the deadly road in a fascist world disguised as democracy. , The Internet may be silenced.

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