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Kecskemét Online – The 30th annual school history test was held at Kecskemét Correctional Primary School

Kecskemét Online – The 30th annual school history test was held at Kecskemét Correctional Primary School

The students of the final year of the school participated in the program put together by the Humanitarian Action Society at Kecskimet Correctional Primary School, led by librarian Katalin Szabó. The judging panel was Attila Toth, Headmistress, and Mrs Peter Magyar and Katalin Mekkesen Ertl, Vice-Principals. The referee was Tamas Telex.

The competition was held in the college hall with the participation of 5 students representing each class. They were in online contact with their class, so the classes actually competed with each other.

Among the questions and tasks, among others, were the following: we had to collect an imaginary gymnastics line with the heights of the teachers, there were questions about how many stairs lead from the street to the front door, how many teachers have two stairs first names, how many workbooks Which must be corrected at the same time, and when it was corrected in primary school. The organizers also asked the age of Uncle István, the doorman, and the teacher they know from their childhood photos.

After the competition, the results were announced at Solly’s party – here, due to the 30th year, retro music was played, that is, music from the 90s.


First place 6.D

Second place 7.B

Third place 5.A, 7.A, 8.C

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