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PlayStation Plus: Sony spoils images of PS1 50Hz games!

Instead of just replacing games with the PAL region (that is, 50Hz, with a maximum frame rate of 50fps) with NTSC (60Hz, which is the 60fps frame rate expected today), Sony has reached for the effects. Although he wouldn’t have done it!

The redesigned PlayStation Plus is now available in Asia (we have to wait until June 22 for the new models in all three categories) to play PlayStation 1, PlayStation 2 and PSP games locally and PlayStation 3 games from the cloud that we can stream. In the case of PS1 games, it turns out that all first-party titles developed in-house are in the PAL region, which means that they run slower than they can, since there is no difference between PAL (Europe, Australia…) and NTSC (North America, between Japan. ..) Regions. That’s why it took so long to convert back then, and often a game came out here months later than it did overseas.

The appeared on twitter is that Sony has applied a patch to two PS1 classics to make PAL games look more powerful on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, but with the solution, the company has degraded the images because the games look ghostly by mixing frames. In the pictures below, you can also see what we’re thinking.

The patch currently covers Jumping Flash, Everybody’s Golf (Hot Shots Golf), and Kurushi (Intelligent Qube), with DigitalFoundry Editor John Linneman highlighting PlayStation Plus gaming performance. in his analysisThe press is also pressing Sony about why it can’t make NTSC games available everywhere…Lineman noted that this solution doesn’t help anything at all due to the low refresh rate of PAL version games.

There is no official explanation as to why Sony is forcing a PAL version, but since these are European versions, it is likely that 50Hz works will be chosen to support multiple languages. But isn’t English a universal language that many of us should know?

source: VGC

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