One of Hungarians' favorite Japanese cars has been refurbished beyond recognition

One of Hungarians’ favorite Japanese cars has been refurbished beyond recognition

The first image of the next generation of the five-door Honda Civic has been revealed, which will have to wait more than a year in Europe.

The body is longer, wider and more conservative than the previous CivicSource: Honda

Honda has released the first images of the new five-door Civic of the eleventh generation. The biggest surprise is only the tail of the car, since the sedan is already there previously shown يظهر (True, in the American design, which is almost no different from the Europeans).

It would be better to drive, but there would be no manual transmission and a pure petrol version in Europe (except the Rt type)Source: Honda

Compared to the slightly bold 10th generation, the design realm this time around is more restricted, the A-pillars have been moved 5 inches further back, resulting in a longer hood. Although there is no problem with the availability of space in the predecessor, However, the wheelbase and rear legroom continued to increase by 3.5 inches.

Inside the American versionSource: Honda

An important change is that it is the latest Corolla competitor It will only be included in the European range with a hybrid powertrain (e:HEV) (except for the Type Rt, which retains the 2-liter turbocharged engine), but it is not yet known whether it is a known 1.5-liter from the Jazz and HR-V, or a known 2-liter from the CR-V.

The trunk, which is also small, can be filled with a huge hatchSource: Honda

It’s already been good to drive the previous Civice, but the new car is said to be an even greater experience due to its 19 percent stiffer body, more responsive steering, and a wider rear track. This is very bad Superb manual transmission will only be included in Type R, For the hybrid, a single-stage automatic is given.

The wheelbase is amazingly long, the A-pillars are backSource: Honda

In 49 years, 27 million Civix have been sold to date and the type has been sold in 170 countries. The eleventh generation, no longer in England, but in the United States It will only be introduced in Europe in the fall of 2022. Then Honda will achieve its goal: all major European models will be able to drive in electric mode (albeit only for a few kilometers to breathe).

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