Ola Ebola testified about her private life

Oláh Ibolya returned to the screen after a long time, and has now spoken about her personal life in an interview.

Oláh Ibolya dazzles the audience every week with Sztár’s character Sztár, just like in the past, when the country got to know her. The singer said: “The cast is very good, and I feel good among them. But in addition to the good atmosphere, there is also a lot of action in each broadcast.”

Ebola Olah – Bruno MarsPhoto: Gábor Szabó – Origo

I have always been calm, only external factors annoy me. Too many times I have surrounded myself with the wrong people. All my life I have been looking for someone with whom I can work well. I feel very fortunate, because a few years ago Uncle Pici (Gábor Presser) wrote me a whole piece of wonderful music for an evening of theater. And now I can already work on my second solo album with the composer Sándor Födő, to whom I also owe my song Nem adom el last year, for which I won A Dal 2022,” Ibolya said. She also spoke of the woman who grew up at the institute and whom she considers her mother.

Photo: Major Kata-Orego

Mrs. Elise Anxan Aranka, who is only Anyácska to me, has created an association, Tűczciholó. Specifically to help children who were once in the care of the state and are trying to live a full life. I stand by her and always go whenever she calls and needs him. My mom will always be my mom, but she’s not just my mom, but the mom of many of us. What I can thank him for, we can thank as his former “children,” is indescribable. We still enjoy a close relationship even today, I ask and listen to his opinion on every important decision. He is the person who knows me best and knows exactly what inspires and builds me, but also what hurts me,” said the singer, who revealed a lot to betterHe has been in a happy relationship for a long time.

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