New viruses are found in the human body

New viruses are found in the human body

The team at the Wellcome Sanger Institute and the European Laboratory for Molecular Biology has identified more than 140,000 viruses in the human digestive system, according to reports. Fresh a study The authors write that about half of the microorganisms involved were previously unknown to science.

The researchers analyzed 28,000 microbiome samples collected from around the world. Experts were surprised at the number and variety of viruses. The team wants to use the new information to create a database that shows the human microbiome.

Christoph Bergstaedt / Science Picture Library / Getty Images

There are many microorganisms in the human digestive system, including bacteria and viruses that can infect them, called phages. The system is necessary for the normal functioning of health, for example, some microorganisms contribute to the proper functioning of the immune system. However, overturning the microbiome can cause disease.

Due to the multiplicity of species, science knows very little about the microorganisms present in our bodies. Luis Camarillo Guerrero And his colleagues have now examined viruses by DNA sequencing, with a total of 140,000 species detected in the samples.

It is important to emphasize that most viruses in our bodies are completely harmless.

Researchers are confident that through similar studies, they can get a better understanding of the microbiome and the effect of each of its actors on our bodies.

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