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Netflix movie 'Inventing Anna' sued by Real Rachel Williams

Netflix movie 'Inventing Anna' sued by Real Rachel Williams

If Katie Louise played with me, I'd be flattered. But that's just me, I guess.
Photo: Nicole Revelli/Netflix

Germany's official ambassador to New York, Anna Sorokin/Anna Delvey, is back in the news, but she's not the one in trouble this time. former Vanity gallery Photo editor Rachel DeLoach Williams File a lawsuit against Netflix On August 29, 2022 due to her defamatory portrayal Anna's invention. Grayling diverse, Netflix was unable to dismiss the complaint. Chief Justice Colm F. Connolly ruled on March 26 to allow the lawsuit to proceed, despite Netflix's argument that Shonda Rhimes and other show creators have a First Amendment right to “literary license” when presenting their interpretation of the public controversy. Connolly's ruling notes that at least some of the descriptions in the series are a matter of fact rather than opinion – meaning they are likely to be considered defamatory variations.

Williams published an article in 2018 about her time with Sorokin, and it appears that the series got the details of their friendship completely wrong: “Williams did not stop her friendship with Sorokin because Sorokin was having problems in Morocco, but because she later found out on her own page.” “Back To New York, Sorokin was a liar and a fraud,” Williams’ attorney said in a statement in Delaware state court. Hollywood Reporter.

In addition to finding Anna's invention Given the inaccuracy of her life experience, Williams also believes the show's portrayal of her was just rude to someone legal degree. “Netflix deliberately made the decision for dramatic purposes to show Williams doing or saying things in the series that portray her as a greedy, arrogant, traitorous, dishonest, cowardly, manipulative, and opportunistic person,” her lawsuit says.

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“The reason we had to file this lawsuit is because Netflix used Rachel's real name and biographical details and made her seem like a terrible person, which she's not,” says Alexander Rufus Isaacs, Williams' attorney. “The devastating damage to her reputation could have been avoided had Netflix used a fictitious name and different details. Why wouldn’t they do that for her, when they did that for so many other characters in the series? Maybe it was because she chose to play for the other team, i.e. HBO.” Yes, the lawsuit claims that Netflix may have done Williams a particularly dirty job on the series because it sold the rights to her story to a competing company.

Katie Lowes, the actress who plays Williams in the series, told Vulture that her version of Williams is “young, naive, and has a privileged life. I don't think that's necessarily true for Rachel Williams in real life; I think that's true for the character written by Shonda And what Shonda needed to be as the character on the show. She also said she had never met Williams in person. Looks like Sorokin is about to get more inspiration for her Courtroom art.

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