The latest Netflix comic book adaptation has received a crazy teaser

The main characters are voiced by Chloe Grace Moretz and Riz Ahmed.

In 2015, Noel Stevenson’s comic book Nimona was published in a unique style, which I especially liked, because, as I wrote in my review: “It talks about serious, timeless topics wrapped in an innocent-looking, widely expendable space. What makes someone evil How far are they willing to go?In this?How hard is it to build trust between two people and how hard is it to shake it?How much do we open up to others and look into ourselves?How far should we deal with the past, or is it enough to worry about the future?

The story focuses on the duality of Lord Bitangfő, who craves power but avoids extreme events, and Nimona, who has mysterious strength but is emotionally fragile, who gets into the fire for the sake of the former, which is entertaining, educational, and very emotional. moments.

Nimona has been made into a movie in collaboration between Annapurna and Netflix, directed by Nick Bruno and Troy Quane (Kemsichtve) for the latter company’s streaming platform, and the lead actors are Chloe Grace Moretz (Ha/Ver, Let Me In!) and Riz Ahmed (Sound of Metal, Rogue One). ) Synchronized. Unfortunately, the video below isn’t the full trailer, but it still gives some insight into what the Nimone animated movie will be like, as the title character can transform into any living creature:

You can watch Nimona on Netflix starting June 30th. Will you give it a try?

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