Szárazjeget talált a NASA a Mars egyik kráterében kép

NASA finds dry ice in the crater of a Martian volcano

NASA satellites recently made an interesting discovery in one of the craters on Mars that looks a lot like washing water on the Red Planet if the conditions are right.

Barely a week A brand new crater has been discovered On Mars, NASA has already found another interesting point. A satellite of the US space agency, the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, drilled a recess not far from the equator of the red planet where not only dry ice formed, but washing water could also be found.

Dry ice alone is not surprising, because when it’s winter on Mars (if you can put it that way), carbon dioxide in the atmosphere can solidify. The reason for the unpredictability of the current discovery is due to the fact that this particular crater is located near the equator, where, in principle, it must be already very hot for dry ice to form.

Even more surprising, however, is that they also found terrain-like conditions, meaning trenches were dug into the soil by some kind of fluid, presumably formed from carbon dioxide as well.

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