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Will the next Naughty Dog game be more like a TV series?!

Will the next Naughty Dog game be more like a TV series?!

Naughty Dog’s next game will feel more like a TV series than anything the studio has released to date.

A recent interview revealed that Naughty Dog’s next game will be structured like a TV series.

Recently known for its work on the Uncharted series and The Last of Us, Naughty Dog has released The Last of Us Part 1 in early 2022.

As reported by Push Square, Neil Druckmann, co-president of Naughty Dog, gave an interview to The New Yorker about the upcoming TV series based on The Last of Us. Most of the article deals with the TV series. But in the end, fans might notice some new information about a Naughty Dog game in development. Druckmann confirms that his next project will be a game Instead of a TV show It’s built like nothing else the studio makes. He also states that he is not working on the script alone or with one partner. Naughty Dog has put together a real writing group for the next game.

The interview doesn’t reveal much about the upcoming Naughty Dog game. So fans still have to wait for the official announcement. For now, users can only guess what might be behind the game, which is designed similarly to the TV series. It probably won’t be a spin-off like the original Life is Strange or titles made by Telltale Games.

Although the PS5 is over two years old, Naughty Dog has yet to release a new game for Sony’s latest console.

the The Last of Us Part I is a remake of an old titleHe is. It is likely that the new first release will be a multiplayer project set in the same universe. Rumors about Naughty Dog’s next game have been circulating for a while now. According to recent leaks, it is a new fictional IP address. One of the leaks also mentioned that they are working on a third game in The Last of Us series. Perhaps this is what Druckmann indicated in the interview.

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