Metzker Viki sends shocking words: He got an injection - Metropol

Metzker Viki sends shocking words: He got an injection – Metropol

The singers are trying to organize a lot of performances, since it is finally possible to perform in front of the audience. Metzker wiki Nor is he otherwise, but he seems to have strained himself too much. The DJ posted a photo on his Instagram, during which he explained for a long time that he was not feeling well.

“There are cases where a person does full speed because he feels he can do anything. I’m a guy who doesn’t feel like he has limits, one month of excitement, dance rehearsals, shots take all my energy …I have always been proud to do everything around myself and not ask for help. But I realized that situations like this teach me the best way to do it but yes. I need help! 🙏🏻 Vicky honestly admitted, who now seems to be He has overstepped himselfSo, he asks his fans for help and understanding.

Now I’m asking for your help and understanding so that I can put out these parties this week in a “saving torch”.…I know it would be better to give up everything! I’ll be honest, I’ve tried, but the organizers weren’t very happy anywhere (since there were contracts) and we didn’t find a real solution to that…just laying all day, pumping vitamins, rejuvenating and then trying to attend the evening. Please, if you seem more nervous at this week’s party, or feel hesitant and tired…you know that a The bitter cold, along with exhaustion, is now in the background! “ Written by the beautiful DJ, who seems to be fully immersed in the now ongoing active parties and yearns to unwind.

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‘It’s a very difficult task’

“I am trying to get through these few days quickly and burn to the maximum again, but I wanted you to know that this is the sieve. I know a lot of people are thinking, but our life isn’t just about partying and having fun… It’s a very difficult jobTo make the audience feel good! However, the point will come when you feel inside that your energy will be wasted, you are sick and your body will collapse because you gave it all of yourself.

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