Meet Rising Filmmaker: Jasmine Reese


Meet filmmaker Jasmine Reese

Jasmine Reese is a preserver of all things original. A woman who loves to learn. Filmmaker, daughter, Auntie, and Lover of the world.

I found out about this talented beauty on my Instagram explore page, she recreate one of my favorite 90’s shows intro: Girlfriends!

“I found myself missing shows that provided a view on grounded foundations, healthy relationships and black youth striving to stay in college. Also, you don’t see too many theme song introductions nowadays. Singing and dancing along was the best part of the experience, it used to get me so hype.” – Jasmine Reese

I miss the feeling of watching 90’s shows such as Girlfriend, Moesha, a Different World, Jamie Fox and the Fresh Prince just to name a few. They all back then provided me with a sense of joy, seeing strong black men and women in college, healthy relationships, and discussing heavy topics that unfortunately still happen today such as racism. It’s amazing just how much a television show and movies can pull cultures together through a single script, it’s amazing seeing young filmmakers like Jasmine recreate that nostalgic feeling back.

When you think about how a movie, videos and televisions shows came about, we have to give major props and credit to producers. Without their creative vision and team, of course, we wouldn’t have much to visually enjoy. “ I had to bring my visions to life. I respect the original crafts so much, I feel it necessary for me to pay homage. I want to produce content that people can look at and see themselves in; that displays their individual realities and inspires them. I want to remind people of their greatness.”

With anything you love to do there will be struggles but finding the inspiration and motivation to keep going turns your dreams into reality. Jasmine’s inspiration comes from her Father, “My dad, if he wants to do something it gets done, there is no question about it. He’s always on top of his game doing his best. Also Michael Jackson. Overall as an artist and humanitarian. My family, they encourage me always. No matter how I’m feeling, they are sure to pick me up if I’m down.” This motivates her daily to pursue her passion “Knowing that I have a calling to inspire people and that I’m still at the beginning of my journey.” Though it’s a struggle trusting her inner voice, I know that the more she produces the more she’ll become comfortable with the decisions she makes for each project.

As a woman of color, I love seeing shows formulated, produced and starring woman of color. I feel that it is important not only for the youth to see but also to let this male “dominated” industry know that we are capable of doing everything they’re doing and most of the time do it better. The film and entertainment industry is changing so much that women are becoming the go-to producers and cast leads which I love. “Yes, we, women of color have always defined ourselves. We can tell our own stories, in a way others can’t. We are just as intelligent and talented as men, and giving the chance by those ahead of us we are soon to prove that. Hopefully, this won’t be a topic of conversation and everything thing will be equaled out soon enough.” – Jasmine Reese

Within the next 5 years, you can expect for Jasmine to expanding her production company to work with the youth. Possibly collaborating with Disney and other great directors such as Ava Duvernay, John Singleton, Ryan Coogler, Steven Spielberg, Michael Bay, Issa Rae, Spike Lee and Gina Prince-Bythewood while dropping blockbusters across the world. Also working with beautiful people who are just as passionate about their crafts as she is. “I want to leave people feeling confident about themselves. I want to impact the world by providing positive uplifting images through the magic of film. I want to reintroduce quality, an inspirational product for people all around the world. Overall, I just want to show love.” -Jasmine

Keep up with Jasmine on Social Media: @queenjrx

Advice from Jasmine:
“Find work based on your talent passion. Stay dedicated and it’ll work out for you. If you’ve yet to figure out what your passions are, take time for yourself and dig, until it’s second nature.”


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