He protected his goats and had the brains to videotape the reckless act.

The woman living in the Romanian village of Blavu first noticed her goats were running towards her, and then saw what they were running from: a 400-kilogram bear was chasing the cattle.

At this, instead of hiding, he attempted to chase the bear away: he untied the dog that was on a chain, encouraged it, shouted in the bear’s direction, and wrote Maszol.ro.

The woman was alone as her husband works in Italy. Earlier in the press it was reported that bears in search of food were creeping into the surrounding villages more and more, and that in the past two months dozens of goats and sheep had been cut to pieces.

The wild animal got into his garden by breaking the wire fence.

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A video clip of the incident was also filmed, which began to circulate on social media:

Looks like the goats got away with it, as he posted this video on Saturday:

(Our linked image is an illustration.)


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