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He upset the police leadership, and they summoned the Slovak interior minister

He upset the police leadership, and they summoned the Slovak interior minister

He was afraid that up to ten senior police officers might stand up.

Lagos odor The Slovak Prime Minister will present Ivan Simko Suggestion of the Minister of Interior to summon Zuzana Caputova to the head of state. The acting prime minister himself spoke about this in his morning press conference.

“Youmna” newspaper. he is writingThe reason is the ever-increasing tension between the Home Minister and the police leadership. Although the public only became aware of this during the scandal after one of the minister’s Facebook posts, according to Lajos Odur, the conflict had been going on for a long time, and the position of the Minister of Interior was the straw that broke the camel’s back. In it the minister wrote that

The police cannot be unleashed and must be under the supervision of the policy.

According to the prime minister, trust between the minister and the broader police leadership has deteriorated so much in recent weeks that it cannot be restored despite the efforts of the head of state.

Odur did not want to elaborate on the reasons, but said there was also a discussion about personal issues and the political oversight of the police. As he said, the situation was already threatening more than a dozen members of the Police Command – including themselves Estefan Hamran The chief of the national police as well – resigns.

The Prime Minister added that he had done a good job in ensuring the visibility of the early elections and the representation of Slovakia on the international stage.

Our featured photo features Acting Prime Minister of Slovakia Lajos Odor.

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