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Lake Balaton is not close to full, and most people prefer to travel abroad for vacation

Lake Balaton is not close to full, and most people prefer to travel abroad for vacation

The RTL News According to his report, there are plenty of accommodations available to choose from in Lake Balaton: on one of the largest accommodation search sites, you can find a room even from tomorrow, in fact, anywhere. The president of the Hungarian Restaurant and Hotel Association, تشاapa Baldov, told Hirado that the house was not full at all.

A large number of those who vacationed at home last year chose a foreign destination this year, after two to two and a half years, and this demand is clearly lacking in domestic accommodations. – The head of the hotel association told RTL.

In Badacsony, for example, in previous years at this time it was not even possible to book a room for August, and now there is still plenty of room.

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We have to work even harder to fill the house. We’re sure the summer isn’t going to be bad, but there’s a sense of uncertainty in the bookings, just as there’s a sense of uncertainty in people in the current situation. Miklos Nagy, Bonveno Hotel Manager, told Hirado.

Instead of Lake Balaton, many chose Croatia, for example. A press spokesperson for Szállá said they expect to have twice the number of bookings in Croatia compared to last year.

According to the head of the Hotel Association, the reason for everything is not an increase in local prices, but simply the fact that for two years it was not possible to travel much due to the epidemic. He trusts that those traveling abroad will also spend a few days in a local hotel, if not as many as in the last year.

Majka and Curtis were not allowed to play at Balaton Sound

Majka and Curtis were not allowed to play at Balaton Sound

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