Index - Tech-Science - The world's first airport designed for flying cars has opened

Index – Tech-Science – The world’s first airport designed for flying cars has opened

As engineers and designers work to develop vertical take-off and landing aircraft, UK-based company Urban-Air Port Ltd (UAP) is working to show that operating urban flight hubs is not as complicated as it seems. Creating linked infrastructure is not evil.

The UAP was completed in 15 months with the first airport to be used for flying cars. The construction of the landing site took a long time with planning. The project was developed by Coventry City Council and Urban Air-Port to show how they can reduce air pollution and road congestion.

Powered by hydrogen fuel cells, the Air One is designed to be fully autonomous and to provide a zero-emissions urban public transportation system. The airport is also capable of handling electric drones and air taxis, and is also working with Hyundai’s air transportation division, Supernal, to use the SA-1 air taxi model as a demonstration vehicle.

The Interesting geometry He wrote that the Air One is due to be unveiled in Coventry by May 15. The company will then close the airport and set it up again in other UK locations so that as many people as possible can experience the experience.

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