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Index – Tech-Science – Don't be surprised, there's a new feature coming to Instagram

Index – Tech-Science – Don't be surprised, there's a new feature coming to Instagram

Instagram users will soon be able to see their friends' real-time locations on a map. Meta's social networking site is testing a new feature called “Friends Map.”

Instagram is testing a new location feature. Users will soon be able to see where their friends are going on a map in real time, writes A TechCrunch.

A Meta spokesperson confirmed the innovation to the portal on Monday, which is currently only being tested internally.

The use of the function is not mandatory, and each user can decide individually. There is still no Hungarian counterpart to the “friends map” innovation on Instagram.

Followers will also be able to leave short messages or “notes” on the map. Location data will be end-to-end encrypted, so unauthorized people cannot automatically see your location.

The innovation will be very similar to Snapchat's Snap Map, which can also be used to track where and where users are going.

The exact date of arrival of the Friends Map has not been announced, but judging by the appearance of the development, the innovation will be available to users soon.

The testing was conducted by Alessandro Paluzzi, a specialist in reverse engineering, who often discovers innovations before official releases.

Paluzzi also shared screenshots on the social media site Threads, from which we can get more information about what the “Friends Map” will look like.

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