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Index – soccer – soccer

Index – soccer – soccer

For the first time since 1990, the Neapolitan Guard It reached the top of Italian football clubs for the third time in its history, but it still needed to find a new coach.

At the same time, this time it was not the club’s decision but the coach’s decision to change, Spalletti requested that although he still had one year left on his contract, he would be released from continuing to work.

Spalletti is a free man. When someone comes up to you and says they’ve done everything they can and are ending an era in their life…they said they wanted to take a year off. What do I do and how do I tell him no? He has given so much to the club and we are very grateful to him. The only true way is to be able to do whatever you want

– Tell De Laurentiis on Rai 3.

Meanwhile, according to the news, Spalletti cannot accept a job with anyone else until next summer (as his contract still binds him to Napoli).

However, recently a specialist sewed such a tattoo:

The team now, according to Calcio Mercato Luis Enrique In order to seduce him, he tries to get the former captain of the Spanish national team with a salary of 10 million euros per season for two years.

De Laurentiis is poised to guarantee the two biggest stars in the goalkeeper, scoring 30 times in 38 matches Victor Osimhen and producing 31 Canadian points (14 goals + 17 assists) in 42 games Hvika Kvarachilia As well as his residence, which may facilitate the acquisition of the coach who won the Champions League with Barcelona.

If the Italian champion does not succeed, the other options are the one with Bologna Thiago Logo or a Fiorentina employee Vincenzo Italian Attention may shift.