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Index – Outside – Chaos in the Cube: The Hungarians in England About the Lockdown

Index – Outside – Chaos in the Cube: The Hungarians in England About the Lockdown

Everyone seems pissed that they suddenly cut out millions of people’s Christmas plans. Since there has been a pandemic, it has become a feature of the decision-making process that everything changes at the last moment.

– Amanda, a Hungarian mechanical engineer living in Nottingham, told Index that the Coronavirus, which affects London and the southeast of England, is more contagious Mutation spread justification ending. In his words, most Britons feel distrust of the government because they feel the measures are unpredictable. Saturday’s lockdown in London and its surroundings caused chaos, which Amanda says she explains well:

Because of lack of confidence, everyone is chasing after their heads, it is difficult to talk about discipline.

Amanda is currently in Hungary: she planned to spend Christmas with her family working in London by spending karate time with them after entering the island country. However, the restrictions announced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson forced him to rethink his Christmas plans, as London is currently closed and cannot be abandoned. And those who don’t live there can only travel for a good reason. Amanda says she fell into a panic due to unexpected developments.

Tonight he transferred his ticket to London in the name of Hungary From midnight Passenger flights landing from the UK is prohibited,

But Amanda still has a chance to return to London.

Mess in the cube

So Matthew, who lives near London, describes the situation. According to him, the British Prime Minister does not review his decisions at all, as if he is not consulting experts. And when he does, he is preceded by a long hesitation. This is why restrictions affecting millions of lives have such a surprising effect. Matthew was not surprised that after the announcement of austerity, tens of thousands of Britons fled the restrictions imposed on London.

Matte did not even plan to travel to his home country this year due to the quarantine commitment after entering Hungary and after returning to England. And according to him, whoever wanted to go home did indeed, although they may not be doing well at the moment.

In the first session, not everyone understood what level 4 was

Says Natalia from Hampshire, near London.

He also says that the unpredictability is evidenced by the fact that the British provinces were first classified into three levels and then suddenly another level was announced. Then they changed holiday relaxation: in the regions covered by the first classification of three levels

Only on December 25, members of three different families can meet in the previously promised period from December 23 to 27 instead of.

Natalia hasn’t planned a trip home either – due to the duty of quarantine on the one hand, and ever-changing rules on the other.

It is almost untraceable, but you can’t do anything, you have to try to adapt

– Natalia sums up the chaotic situation, which, in her opinion, was only exacerbated by the ineffectiveness of the Brexit negotiations so far.

List of contraband

The following rules apply to the new Tier 4 (“Stay Home”) classification:

  • Everyone should stay home if they are not going to work or shopping and have no immediate action to take them.
  • Whoever can do this must work from home. You cannot go to work except for compelling reasons.
  • Gyms, hairdressers and stores selling non-essential items will be closed.
  • People are prohibited from leaving the area affected by the level 4 restriction, and anyone who does not live there can only go there for a good reason. However, entry is not recommended.
  • It is not possible to meet more than one person from another home, and only in an open area.
  • Everyone should sleep in their home.
  • Worshipers can still attend worship services.
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The British government will review the readiness classification of parts of the country every two weeks, and accordingly, it is expected that additional fate will be determined for the strict restrictions that were announced during the weekend of December 30.

(Cover photo: Trucks driven by a police officer on the M20 London motorway on December 21, 2020. Photo: Toby Melville / Reuters)

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