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The Honduran national team, which finished fourth in the 2016 Rio Olympics, had already made a 2-0 lead against the Americans, running from a rival force only (undoubtedly a show) for beautification (2-1) the Mexican hosts beat Canada 2-0 in the centers The first four.

Honduras qualified for the fourth time in a row to the Five Rings Games, while the US Guard was unable to win a stake since the 2008 Beijing event.

In the final of the eight-team tournament, there will be a match between Mexico and Honduras, but it will be practically without a wager.

The Olympic qualifiers for the North and Central America region were supposed to be held last March, but they have been postponed for a year due to the Coronavirus epidemic, as well as the Olympic Games themselves.

This completes the Olympic Stadium consisting of 16 men’s teams:
Japan (host country), France, Germany, Romania, Spain (Europe), Australia, Saudi Arabia, South Korea (Asia), Egypt, Cote d’Ivoire, South Africa (Africa), Argentina, Brazil (South America), New Zealand ( Oceania), Honduras, Mexico (North and Central America)

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