Index - Offshore - Japan has sold out needles

Index – Offshore – Japan has sold out needles

In Japan, there are growing concerns that a shortage of needles will slow down mass vaccination against the Coronavirus from Wednesday, until Pfizer VaxinaMillions of doses could be lost, Reuters news agency reported on Tuesday.

Japan, with a population of 126 million, signed an agreement with the US pharmaceutical company Pfizer in January to supply 144 million doses of the vaccine it jointly developed with German company BioNTech against the Coronavirus by the end of the year. That’s enough for 72 million people. The problem is

Pfizer offers the vaccine in ampoules of six doses, which require a special injection needle. The standard by which only five doses can be absorbed is not good, so the sixth dose is lost.

On Tuesday, a Japanese government spokesman acknowledged the possibility of a loss. Neither the government nor a spokesman for Japan’s Pfizer told Reuters on Tuesday that 144 million doses were calculated as five or six doses per ampoule, M.

The island country has collected enough of standard needles, but not special needles. The government has repeatedly urged needle manufacturers to speed up production, but they are finding it difficult. Lack of needles is another development causing problems for Japanese Prime Minister Joshid Suga, as his social support has already decreased so much. Epidemic management Obligatory to. It will be politically important for him to quickly vaccinate the population, at least because of the Summer Olympics in Tokyo, which the government definitely wants to hold after last year’s postponement.

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