II. Erzsébet brit királynő Deepfake verziója mondta el a Channel 4 karácsonyi üdvözletét.Fotó: YouTube

Index – Meanwhile, Queen Deepfake communicates a Channel 4 Christmas message

While BBC and ITV II. Conveying her traditional Christmas message, Elizabeth is a digital fake copy of the Queen sharing her “thoughts” on Channel 4.

The BBC also asked a Buckingham Palace spokesperson about all this, who did not want anything added to the broadcast.

Channel 4’s intent could also be considered urban pop music, but they said they do so to give a strong warning about fake news for the digital age.

With deepfake technology, it is possible to create highly compelling video content but it is completely fake and is often used to spread false information.

In the five-minute Christmas message, the synthetic queen will talk about a number of controversial topics, including the decision of the Duke and Princess of Sussex to leave the UK. It will also be reported that the Duke of York resigned from his royal duties earlier this year after giving an interview to the BBC about his relationship with sexual offender Geoffrey Epstein.

“it was better”

Nicholas Witchel, the BBC royal correspondent, had already seen the video and wasn’t too convinced, so he talked about it:

The Queen already had countless digital imitations. This is not particularly good

The voice is a weak attempt in the first place, Witchel said, and it doesn’t sound like a queen enough. In addition, the video technology does not synchronize the movement of the queen’s mouth well with the spoken words.

While with the help of the current deepfakes technique it is indeed possible to fake a voice, in this case British actress Debra Stevenson is “syncing” the Queen. The actress had previously called the Queen a parody TV show.

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The video, produced by Framestore for Visual Effects and Tricks, will be available on Channel 4 on Friday afternoon, December 25, 4:25 PM, on Channel 4, but a shorter version has been uploaded to YouTube. experimental copy.

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