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Index – Economy – The new ChatGPT explodes to sweep the old world like the iPhone

Index – Economy – The new ChatGPT explodes to sweep the old world like the iPhone

Microsoft Germany announced in Germany at an event next Thursday that the new four version of ChatGPT will be unveiled, which will replace the triple serial number that aroused so much media attention, and you will know much more. They dropped that at the conference

The new model will now be multimedia, that is, it will also offer video functions, but it will be able to do much more than that, and this has been detailed.

Previously, Index was one of the first to test the capabilities of the ex-model in the Hungarian media. In the process, it is revealed that he writes human love letters with deceptive sincerity, completes homework, and even programs, but is far from perfect and can even be downright dangerous.

He kicks in the office door

According to the CEO of Microsoft Germany, the new ChatGPT is making big waves like the iPhone at that time. According to Marian Janik, you don’t have to worry that the development of artificial intelligence will eliminate jobs, but rather that it will create change.

Artificial intelligence gives us the opportunity to perform monotonous and repetitive tasks in a different way than before

– said the leader of the German corporation Microsoft. He said traditional job descriptions are being changed by new technology and offer opportunities that can lead to new and exciting careers, and advised companies to build internal competency centers where they can train employees to use artificial intelligence. He stressed that in the future, the ability to constantly renew and abandon old habits will be important.

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The CEO also emphasized that Microsoft does not use customer data to train language models. However, Heise portal notesthat this does not apply or at least does not apply to Microsoft’s research partner, OpenAI, which developed ChatGPT.

Artificial intelligence is also integrated into Teams, Outlook, and the Azure AI platform from Microsoft’s family of products, enhancing the applications included.

Less suction at work

German company Microsoft gave us a behind-the-scenes look at augmented artificial intelligence and how the technology performs in this area. It has been shown that multimedia AI can translate text into images, music, and video.

Concrete examples have been used to support areas where the technology can be useful, for example, it can convert speech made in phone calls into textual content.

This can make call center workers’ work easier, for example, but it’s also a huge relief for journalists if they don’t have to write the audio for an interview that often takes several hours. According to the company’s experts, this could save 500 working hours per day for one of Microsoft’s large customers in the Netherlands, which receives 30,000 calls per day. The main areas of use of the technology are document processing, answering questions within the company, and processing audio materials in call centers.

Index previously provided a solution that simplifies the work of accountants and processes tables and figures after a quick scan. According to the company, accountants should not be afraid of their jobs unless they are not ready to continue their education.

When asked about operational reliability and factual fidelity, a Microsoft representative said that AI doesn’t always answer correctly, so its answers need to be verified. The company is now creating trust metrics to address this issue.

Interestingly, none of the four Microsoft employees who spoke at the event commented on the integration of artificial intelligence into the company’s search engine, which is the new version of Bing. Heise portal revealed that in the last panel discussion, the audience could not ask questions, and only pre-registered participants were admitted.

Driven by artificial intelligence

According to the portal, on the subject of regulation, Microsoft in Germany took a more positive stance at the event than the US representation of the organization in Brussels, where the technology company treated regulation as a wheelbarrow for innovation.

Of course, open source must be allowed to flourish

Said the head of the German company Microsoft at the event.

The German edition of the MIT Technology Review already reported attempts to influence European legislative action at the start of March 2023, and a year ago a French cloud service provider filed an antitrust complaint over anti-competitive practices by super-fast-growing tech giants like Google and Facebook. In light of all this, commitments to justice, security, the right to privacy and reliability can serve as a message to customers and business partners, Heise portal believes.

According to the portal, big tech companies are lobbying behind the scenes to have their generative AI models exempted from strict European legal standards, and to hold European service providers and user groups liable for any damages.

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In an exclusive interview with Index, AI expert Gyorgy Telich said that governments, companies and experts are forming alliances and are constantly working on guidelines for the responsible use of technology. The European Union takes the lead in terms of regulation, followed by the United States and then China.

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