Index - Economy - Donver's tragic saga has been enriched with another chapter

Index – Economy – Donver’s tragic saga has been enriched with another chapter

ISD Dunaferr’s suffering has been going on since last year: the company has huge debts, suppliers left it there, and employees are paid in two installments. Meanwhile, corporate law battles are also taking place, and today we are setting up groups that were previously fighting for one of the most important industrial companies in the country for various reasons, and the Duna Djváros police had to protect the company’s territory from hundreds of security teams.

Isd Dunaferr took the matter to Győr Board, with the company claiming that the bogus representatives working on behalf of Steelhold, which owns Dunaferr, held a general meeting on May 6.

By a final decision of the court, the court annulled the order according to which the Court of Registry of the General Court of Sixfervar held a public meeting at the request of the “alleged” representatives. In this sense, the decisions made there are also null and void.

Index wrote about the sinister May 6 assembly, which continued the streak pattern in the ironworks’ story that became tragic. Since members of the General Assembly were not allowed into the Donver area, they met in the parking lot. A new board of directors, a supervisory board, a company director and an auditor were elected. The articles of incorporation were also amended and the director of the company, Evgeny Tankhilevich, whose term expired last year, was withdrawn and replaced by the Ukrainian General Assembly, Gladkikh Vasyl. The decisions were submitted to the General Court in Sixfervar, but the ruling in Gyor overturned them completely.

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According to Thursday’s announcement by dunaferres, the Governing Council of Gy Gr instructed the General Court of Székesfehérvár to initiate a new procedure, in which the right to represent the attorneys of the accredited parties must be examined. ISD Dunaferr Zrt. Prosecution continues, and two weeks ago, it presented evidence at a press conference that bogus actors had acted and acted on behalf of Cypriot Steelhold Ltd. , Which owns the company.

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