Index - Economy - Balázs Orbán: Hungary also expects that it will not be able to agree on EU funds

Index – Economy – Balázs Orbán: Hungary also expects that it will not be able to agree on EU funds

Prime Minister’s Political Director Palaz Orban told Reuters that Hungary is ready to make concessions with the European Commission over access to EU funds, but that the vague wording of the objections is hampering the process.

Balázs Orbán said Hungary would welcome detailed recommendations from the EU’s executive on exactly what Budapest needs to change in order to eventually access the funds.

According to him, the European Commission’s vague wording is an obstacle to action, since problems can be resolved more quickly if the EU executive makes clear what and how it needs to be changed.

The problem is that we have a lot of very general recommendations. Some say there is a problem with the constitutional legal system or the judiciary. What do we do with this? We need more specific recommendations

The Prime Minister’s Political Director noted, who also added that Hungary would like to reach an agreement with the Commission as soon as possible.

In the interview with the politician – what a file He also spoke of the fact that Hungary is prepared for all scenarios, so if necessary, it is possible to move quickly. One of the scenarios is that Hungary will be left without funds from the European Union.

According to Balázs Orbán, the latter is not good for the country, but the government is also counting on this possibility.

The Minister also discussed the issue of EU funds

As previously reported by Index, Tibor Navraxx, Minister for Regional Development and European Union Funds, recently discussed in Brussels, where Agreed with the leaders of the European Commission to release the recovery fund.

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European Commission spokeswoman Ferrel Knutsed said after the hearing that progress had been made between the parties on a number of issues in recent months, but that there had been more open chapters such as anti-corruption measures and education.

The spokesperson added that the committee, like other member states, is considering dealing with recommendations for a specific country in Hungary.

Gergeli Golias, Minister Responsible for the Prime Minister’s Office More government information on this topic he spoke that there is no obstacle on the part of Hungary to the agreement, stressing at the same time that in his opinion there are political reasons for the absence of an agreement.

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