Index - economy - according to Laszlo Balkovic, the Budapest-Belgrade railway is paying off much faster than a thousand years

Index – economy – according to Laszlo Balkovic, the Budapest-Belgrade railway is paying off much faster than a thousand years

László Palkovics, Minister of Innovation and Technology, was interviewed at a two-and-a-half hour hearing in his regular annual report, where the Budapest-Belgrade railway, the Vodan case, and the university’s paradigm change were discussed.

According to his spot report, Laszlo Balkovic spoke of economic success and modernization in his opening speech, which the opposition said he did not notice. In his presentation, the minister praised the railway project between Budapest and Belgrade, accusing him of significantly overpricing 85 percent of Chinese loans, which he said were

It bears fruit much faster than a thousand years, so it is advisable to suppress such opinions.

According to Laszlo Balkovic, the meaning of the railway development, which will cost about 750 billion forints, is proved, among other things, by the fact that the European Union participates in the financing of the Greek and Macedonian sections of Piraeus. However, he did not reveal how long the railway development would take to bear fruit if not within a thousand years.

László Keresztes from LMP researched in Lóránt why the project would be good for Hungarian taxpayers.
Why does railway development seem so much cheaper elsewhere, and what guarantees the use of the railway for international freight, the LMP politician says that containers from Piraeus to Trieste, for example, are transported by water. The minister replied that he said that sea transportation is no longer very attractive, and pointed out that not only China was a partner, but also Turkey, which could double the transportation capacity of the tunnel built under the Bosphorus.

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Regarding the Fudan case, the crusaders inquired, among other things, about the appointed general manager and whether they were considering the option of paying Chinese taxpayers for the Chinese university campus rather than the Hungarians. Mrs. Bertan d. Regarding the appointment of Krisztina Bényi, László Palkovics replied that he was suitable for the position, then emphasized that the university did not yet exist, and that no decision had been made as to who would build it and why.

Then the representative of the Lebanese Socialist Party with Tamas Millar, a member of the Dialogue faction, expressed his criticism of the issue of changing the university model. Keresztes has questioned the independence of university institution boards of trustees, since the chair of the University of Pécs’ board of trustees is Joseph Baudis, for example, and the board also has members who say they haven’t published anything anywhere. According to him, universities were organized directly under the authority of Fides. László Palkovics argues that it is not devilish that a member of the Board of Trustees does not have a publication, because, for example, Sándor Csányi cannot be the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Agricultural University. In response to a question about the reason for giving public funds to boards of trustees rather than universities, the minister replied, “because that was their request.”

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