Index - Domestic - Tucker Carlson was protected from fans by tarpaulin collars

Index – Domestic – Tucker Carlson was protected from fans by tarpaulin collars

This is the strangest thing that has ever happened to me

– Tucker Carlson, the famous presenter of Fox News, began his talk at Esztergom with this sentence. The American right-wing bastard has become well known in Hungary in recent days, with Tucker arriving in Hungary this week. His daily schedule is from here, where he interviewed Prime Minister Viktor Orban and also visited the Southern Border Department, which halted immigration. The adventure of the participatory media personality is of course closely followed by the local and international media.

Maybe he was embarrassed by retired Fides?

On Saturday, Tucker stood out in public as the main parade of the festival, which is organized by the state-run Matthias Corvinus Collegium, a think-tank. Unfamiliar with such appearances, he first drew attention to the peculiar situation. It’s hard to argue with hits. In the main square of Esztergom, a large crowd was not only curious about Tucker’s ideas, but the company was also exciting. Trump believers waving the American flag, pro-government media personalities, ironclad elite college students, and retirees voting on Fides also appeared.

Yet the chemistry between the subcultures worked, with big laughs, ferocious storms of applause, and shouts reminiscent of a peace march accompanied by an exuberant half-hour speech.

This of course requires first and foremost Tucker Carlson. It is possible to argue with the opinion of a right-wing journalist, whose oratorical ability and experience cannot be questioned. Although the showman is better off responding to current US political processes, and the dollars of the mainstream media, Tucker is still pretty self-explanatory. His speech focused on the contradictions between the much criticized illiberal Hungarian democracy and the Democrat-led United States.

All the accusations against Hungary are in fact true of the American reality.

Tucker said. The liberal elite did not, as it always did and now in its program draw attention to double standards, exclude the hypocrisy of the mainstream.

Barack Obama never worked in the private sector, he lived on tax money his whole life. However, on his $30 million grounds, he celebrated his sixtieth birthday with a crew of two hundred.

The show went on, adding that CNN always forgets to provide conflicting details. He also talked a lot about immigration. According to him, the wrong immigration policy of the United States greatly contributes to the suffering faced by immigrants at the Mexican border. In contrast, Hungary is actively addressing the problem, simply because the government is committed to a solution.

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Is Urban there too?

Unusually, Tucker focused his speech on very deep topics. Meditate on physical and natural beauty, security and openness. In an instant, he offered all of these values ​​to Hungary, and the show ended with an embarrassing tsunami of praise.

They don’t even think that their small country is how provocative the outside world is

It seemed the last word. According to him, politicians who mismanage the Western world are very angry at the fact that Hungary has remained an open, safe and positive place.

What, Urban is there too?

An American fan had already said this to the security guard, winking while we were waiting for Tucker Carlson. After the speech, two reporters and Republicans wearing the MAGA baseball cap, a sign for Trump believers, crowded at the entrance to the building from which Tucker had fled.

Because the American journalist was protected by surreal precautions.

The entrance to the building behind the outside stage was secured by a belt covered with black tarpaulin, which meant that Tucker could not tell his followers, but could not look at him. This was brought to the attention of the attendees by the security guards by hoarsely raising the collar when the showman left the festival in luxury cars with a hallmark.

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