Index - domestic - animal welfare is given a prominent role in the core national curriculum

Index – domestic – animal welfare is given a prominent role in the core national curriculum

It is no exaggeration to say that animal protection in Hungary has reached its minimum age in the past few months – this is how Szilvia Vetter, Head of the Animal Protection Center at the University of Veterinary Medicine (ÁTE) greeted the attendees. The Animal Welfare Advocate also noted the most important events, and noted the appointment of a ministerial commissioner in charge of the district, the organization of a national consultation, and the establishment of the National Council for Animal Protection and the Knowledge Center responsible for animal welfare education and research. .

Peter Suttony, President of the University of Veterinary Medicine, stated that veterinarians are ambassadors for animal protection, so they have been teaching the most important principles as a mandatory subject since 2017. As he said, students at their institution love animals without exception, but that alone is not enough. Knowledge is necessary to protect real animals, otherwise we can easily become the one who tortures animals.

We don’t have to view our pet as a human, we don’t have to accustom the cat to vegan arrival and we don’t have to dress the dog in foam clothes

The university president confirmed. He added that in addition to the welfare of the pets, the health of farm animals is hardly neglected, since we can get good food through them. Accordingly, it is still true today that the doctor heals man and the veterinarian heals mankind.

“There is no doubt that change is necessary to be at the forefront of animal protection in the world,” said Istvan Nagy at the conference. The Minister of Agriculture noted that we have already seen enough bad examples, it is time to show the good. The Farmers’ Rights Program is launched on a free and voluntary basis, where anyone can learn how to keep an animal well, whether it’s a dog, cat or just a parrot. The head of the Ministry announced that the government supports the work of 67 animal protection NGOs with an amount of HUF 141 million.

Peter Ovade has been in office since October of last year as Ministerial Commissioner responsible for the renewal and implementation of the National Animal Welfare Programme. In the course of his work, the most pressing issues arose, in which national consultations, completed by more than a quarter of a million citizens, played a decisive role. Definitely needs treatment

  • eunuch case,
  • with the request,
  • By reducing stray animals,
  • As well as the flourishing of illegal breeding.

At the same time, Peter Ovade emphasized that in addition to the many problems, he was glad that the second most popular area when introducing personal income taxes was still animal protection, and that discussions were underway with Zoltán Maruzsa, Secretary of State for Public Education, about how to include more in the core curriculum. the National. It is also good news that the Civil Way Foundation and the University of Veterinary Medicine signed a cooperation agreement in this event, aimed at promoting dialogue between civic and professional organizations and decision-makers.

More and more people are becoming more and more interested in animal protection, a topic that is especially popular among 14-30 year olds, said Robert Vibrik, president of the newly formed National Animal Welfare Board. All this is evidenced by the huge demand for animal content on social media as well. “That’s what you need to ride now,” the expert said, noting that it pays to start shaping attitudes at a young age.

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Pet Friendly Ods Honored

At the event, TE University President Peter Suttoni presented the Kindergarten of the Year Award for Animal Protection. The competition was open to kindergartens that have done so much for animal protection this year, striving to integrate responsible animal husbandry into their education through diverse and creative programmes. A total of 81 applications were received and the end result was as follows:

  • First place: Veszprém Egryt Kindergarten, Veszprém
  • II. Filed in: Hódmezővásárhely United Kindergarten Szabadság tér Kindergarten, Hódmezővásásárhely
  • Third. Venue: Dwarf-Ovi Foundation Kindergarten, Bodaj

Due to the high quality of the applications received, in accordance with the decision of the animal protection jury and educational specialists, all applicants have the right to use the title of the animal-friendly kindergarten for one year.

(Cover Photo: A member of the Ultimatum Animal Welfare Foundation with dogs in dogs runs in Gulya Hill, Veszprém, on October 16, 2020. Photo: Tamás Vasvári/MTI)

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