Index - Culture - Oscars: Tella really is a friend of Ramona

Index – Culture – Oscars: Tella really is a friend of Ramona

The Oscars program will begin on the cinema channel on April 25 at 11:45 pm, this time hosted by Attila Till and Ramóna Lékai-Kiss. This will be the first joint work of the two televisions, which Tela was already very excited about: She also shared a Share a picture with your new partner On the Instagram page.

“So far, Nóra Ördög is leading the broadcast, but due to her busy schedule, viewers can now see Ramona. In fact, I don’t know her very much yet. We’ll have joint work later, which is already being prepared,” said Tila, whom we met over the phone, Oh man, I’m sure there won’t be any problem. “

The question might arise as to how well we understand the movies, but here we are more brokers. There will be experts with us to explore the links

He added the presenter who added to his work on television Proven more than once as a director.

Since I made the movie myself, I have a strong affinity for the subject matter, but I don’t want to overdo it, because that’s not my job.

Tila also stressed that due to the pandemic, this year will be a very special year – there has never been such a celebration before. Even it is doubtful what the protocol for wearing a mask is in America, for example. But what makes this mission really exciting for him is that the event also has a Hungarian dimension, ever since A women’s piece from Kornél Mundruczó Vanessa Kirby, the heroine of her film, is also among the nominees.

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“I know Cornell personally. Lately, his career has been in full swing. If they win, he can take it to a higher level.”

The Pure Heart is awarded for a story full of emotion, humor, and surprises.

According to the TV2 announcement, director Ferenc Rovoch, winner of the Kossuth Prize and National Artist Award, who won the first Hungarian Oscar in 40 years, is expected to enter the studio in connection with the Oscars program. András Balázs Muhi has arrived, a Béla Award-winning film producer and director whose name is linked to many other notable works, including a previous Academy Award*Award winning body and soul. Bella Award-winning sound engineer Tamas Palaz Zane will also be among the guests, and Barnabas Toth will be a director and screenwriter.

The Hungarian experts at the ceremony will be Victor Doudas and Gabor Zolowski, and Victor Dodas and Mark Wodala will hear the Hungarian voices at the ceremony.

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