Index - Abroad - Bolsonaro realizes it's over

Index – Abroad – Bolsonaro realizes it’s over

Three days after the Brazilian presidential election, a guardian Jair Bolsonaro reportedly threw in the towel after his defeat in the Brazilian presidential election, telling members of the Supreme Court:

is over!

Bolsonaro earlier Refusing to admit defeatHe did not recognize the election results in his first post-election speech. In an interview with O Globo newspaper, Bolsonaro’s vice president, Hamilton Mourao, made it clear that they accepted defeat.

There’s no point in crying anymore, we’ve lost the game

Mora said.

May Lula da Silva be happy

The second round of the general elections was held in Brazil on Sunday, with only the two candidates meeting. Former President Lula da Silva won the first round by a margin of 5 percent.

The second round was much closer than that, but the Left Party won the presidential election with 50.9 percent of the vote. Luis Inacio became Lula da Silva .

Bolsonaro’s supporters didn’t want to accept the result either

Thousands of Bolsonaro supporters Until Wednesday, regional military leaders had called on the army to intervene in the transfer of power. In addition, protesters have again set up roadblocks in many places in the country, in about half of the member states.

The angry mob burned tires in several places, and the Federal Highway Police reported 342 roadblocks on the evening of October 31. Most of them demonstrated in the southern part of the country.

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