I wish Work Monitor | Instead of HUF 16,000, you can get a 3-stroke game absolutely free

You really shouldn’t miss these gifts!

Epic Games is not resting this week either when it comes to spreading free games with both hands. This time around, for example, those who inadvertently stray towards Steam’s biggest competitor can get access to three very entertaining titles – which is worth doing, because otherwise we’d be missing out on some very interesting and valuable entertainment. The total value of the three games is about 16,000, and although I know that not everything is pricey, these programs are really worth a try.

By pointing to and clicking on the titles of the games, you will immediately find yourself in their profile on Epices.

This game is like the Squid Game grafted onto Game Without Limits and Crash Bandicoot: you have to jump, swim, run, and crawl with characters in funny costumes to survive the aptly named Slaughter League challenges. You can compete alone, against NPCs, or with people, but there is also a cooperative mode. Of course, it offers in-app purchases.

Horizon Chase Turbo is a great tribute to the heroic era of racing games. It’s a great evocation of the greatest genre aces of the ’80s and ’90s, combining Out Run, Top Gear or Rush into a modern look. Horizon Chase Turbo will take a lot of people back to their childhood in no time, and it’s incredibly hard to get up from, as well as stop, not to be masked by a worried look. And the best thing is that moms and dads can also introduce their children to the events of the past, because the game also has a cooperative mode.

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If only Crash Bandicoot is grafted into Against All Odds, then in this case we are talking about a directly related game: you have to creatively bypass life-threatening traps, obstacles and magical puzzles, but not just with a fox crawling in a scary place. pants, but with a boxing glove – and therefore more adept with her lively physical strength – with a kangaroo.

Games can be donated to the Epic Games Store from today (May 4) through a full week, that is, until May 11, when they will remain forever after the sale ends.

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